Grounding Sounds 003: Ruhe

After a short break to allow you to sink into the first two episodes of Grounding Sounds, we return with another double header to see out the year. First up, we welcome Clothbound recordings manager and artist Bryan Ruhe.

Bryan ran The Outpost Show, which presented mixes that cross-sectioned the state of the modern ambient music scene.
It is from here that we thought of inviting him to present an episode of Grounding Sounds.
He was very receptive of the idea, turning in his two part show in less than 48 hours! His presentation is a beautiful showcase of peaceful highlights from the modern ambient music scene across all of its sub-genres and spanning the last decade. Big names like Efterklang, Johann Johannsson and Peter Broderick join the likes of post-rockers Saxon Shore, a netlabel classic from Muhr and jazz from the Bluebridge Quartet.

Bryan, please introduce yourself to the world!

“Hi, my name is Bryan Ruhe. I create music under my last name – “Ruhe” is the German word for “peace” or “silence,” and seemingly by divine plan, the name really fits my taste in music and the heart I wish to have. I also run the small record label Clothbound. My debut mini-album is due out this month on my record label, and a full-length will follow early next year on a label which will for now remain unnamed.

When Harry asked me to participate in Groundingsounds, I knew that it would be nearly impossible to include all the artists that have inspired me over the years… Some glaring omissions to the mix include Rameses III, E and I, and Herzog. Nonetheless, I keep a playlist of only my all-time favorite tracks – tracks that I know will not lose their relevance in my life. I am very emotionally tied to many of these songs, whether by relationships, events, or simply because they mark points in my musical history. I hope you enjoy the tunes.”

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Saxon Shore – Four Months of Darkness [2003]
“Four Months of Darkness… The first record I ever purchased, possibly before I even owned a turntable (I can’t recall). It captured my heart, and has been dear to me ever since.”

Muhr – Our Tired Souls [2008]
“Some of my first exposure to ambient music was to albums put out by the 12rec and Aerotone netlabels — Muhr’s album “Anthèmes Pour Les Regrets” (12rec) had an opening track that caught my attention immediately. The atmosphere it created the first time I heard it was palpable and affecting. Still a powerful track for me.”

Ous Mal – Marraskuu [2010]
“Olli Aarni (Ous Mal/Nuojuva) opened my eyes to the beautiful of lo-fi sounds in ambient and sampled music. This was the first song of his I ever heard, and the moment I heard it, my perspective on music was changed completely. Incredible music.”

Efterklang – Redrop [2003]
“Danish geniuses. I love everything they have released. This song stands out as one I had on “repeat” for a week or so a few years back. Still a favorite.”

Saxon Shore – Our Mountain Pass, A Winding Trench [2003]
“Another track from Four Months of Darkness. The final track on the B-side of the LP, I remember playing this song before bed and waiting eagerly for the guitar segment before the run-off groove… I drifted off to sleep to this song many times.”

Heather Woods Broderick – Old Son [2009]
“Every song on From the Ground is stunning. The mandolin on this track has always hit my soft spot.”

Heather Woods Broderick – Cottonwood Bay [2009]
“Not much to say – memorable, endearing, heart-warming. Perfect.”

The Humble Bee – 19 Jan 2010 [2010]
“Morning Music is a fantastic album – fragile tape experiments of great interest. Wonderful. Craig’s music has been a huge inspiration to me.”

The Silence Set – So Will Everything We Love [2011]
“The lo-fi characteristics of this track are some of the best I’ve ever heard. This track hits me on a deep emotional level. Beautiful.”

This Day & Age – Of Course We’ve All Seen The Sun [2006]
“A great song by a very talented and overlooked group. Members broke up and some reformed as The Reign of Kindo, another favorite band of mine.”

Thrice – The Whaler [2007]
“This song appears on a volume of The Alchemy Index, a four-volume project by Thrice. Each volume represents an “element” – fire, water, earth, air. This band has a variety of sounds, and this track really shines to me.”

Peter Broderick – Music for a Sleeping Sculpture (Excerpt) [2009]
“There was a time when Peter and I e-mailed somewhat regularly – we’ve lost touch but this album is a very special one to me, and I’ve fallen asleep to it many, many times.”

Efterklang – Antitech [2003]
“Reminds to Radiohead… A great, moody song. Love the use of the brass atop the scuttling beat.”

Bluebridge Quartet – Untitled [2009]
“From a compilation put together by The Silent Ballet “back in the day.” This group struck me with their ingenious blend of post rock and jazz… Tasty.”


Jóhann Jóhannsson – Fordlandia [2008]
“As far as modern classical is concerned, this track comes from an album that is very arguably my favorite of the genre. Thematic, cinematic, powerful, emotional, dynamic… Best of the best.”

Saxon Shore – Nothing Changes [2009]
“Piano line – ahhhhmazing. And that BUILD… Totally stereotypical post rock crescendo, but done oh-so-well.”

F.S.Blumm & Nils Frahm – Writing Letters to Myself [2010]
“The first track I heard from the stellar album “Music for Lovers/Music Versus Time.” Chaotic at first; improvised, but purposeful. Lovely tones and timbres.”

Eluvium – Weird Creatures [2010]
“Matthew Robert Cooper sings. A track I just adore.”

Hem – Sailor [2005]
“Before I had a nice sound system in my room, one night I put a guitar amplifier at the head of my bed, tilted it up, and listened to this song on repeat. Simply gorgeous.”

Heather Woods Broderick – For Misty [2009]
“As I remember, one of the first “long-form” (even though it’s really mid-length) tracks I fell in love with, other than Eluvium’s “Indoor Swimming at the Space Station” (later!)”

Future of Forestry – Twilight [2007]
“An uplifting and well-crafted album that I return to often. Love went into this music, and it is apparent.”

Romance of Young Tigers – Long Withdrawing Roar [2006]
“First time I heard this song, I was so enthralled that I had it on repeat for at least a week. I blame this track for my departure from beat-oriented music.”

Peter Broderick – Stopping on the Broadway Bridge [2008]
“This track has a personal relevance, as the Broadway Bridge referenced in the title is not but 25 minutes from my home. One of the best uses of the banjo I’ve heard in ambient and modern classical music.”

Eluvium – Indoor Swimming at the Space Station [2007]
“Another “sleeper…” Can’t even count the number of times I’ve fallen asleep to this. Magical!”

Iambic² – Breathe, For One Last Time [2007]
“Another early ambient track in my personal music history. A ‘sleeper/repeater’ “