IC001 Irregular Crates Podcast 001

We’re delighted to be able to present you the very first Irregular Crates podcast, presented by Harry Towell.
This ‘CD length’ show covers lots of musical ground from Ambient and Folk through to Trip Hop and Deep House.
Irregular Crates shows can cover any musical ground old or new, so don’t expect anything!

IC001 is made from more recent material across various genres, with an exclusive from the forthcoming Magnofon album ‘Fallowfall’ out on 16th September on Warehouse Decay Recordings


We have put together a tracklist of the show for you, complete with a link to where you can buy each track/album:

01 Felix Gebhard – 11:12am [Tessellate]
02 Mark Templeton – A Distant Hum [Under The Spire]
03 Simon Bainton – Lepe [Hibernate]
04 Haruko – There Is Love [Self-released]
05 Sharron Kraus – Winding Road [Second Language]
06 Julian Lynch – Lines [Underwater Peoples Records]
07 Greg Haines – Trasimeno [Denovali]
08 Rudi Arapahoe – Endgames [Hibernate]
09 Sebastian Zangar – Boxroom [Nature Bliss]
10 Shigeto – Ritual Howl [Ghostly International]
11 Dustmotes – Motions [Dusted Wax]
12 Ivano Tetelepta – 117 [Fear Of Flying]
13 Magnofon – Gone [Warehouse Decay] released 16th September
14 TwelveTen – Haze [Warehouse Decay]
15 ManooZ & Timmy P – Feel [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!]
16 Hauswerks – Worth The Wait [Moda Black]
17 Trumpet & Badman – Go! [Hot Haus Recs]
18 Martin Schulte – Horizon [Nature Bliss]