Josh Mason – Dark Threads and Other Colors


Today news landed in from SEM HQ of their new release, by guitarist/sound-artist Josh Mason. To start with, if ever there was a testament to the power of effective cover artwork then I can’t recall a better example. The colourful but minimal design for Dark Threads & Other Colors really grabbed my attention and I felt compelled to listen

What’s even more exciting is the truly mesmerising wealth of sonic detail that Josh has presented through the seven tracks in this album. At times, the guitar is open and clear – reminiscent of Pillowdiver, perhaps whereas at others, the mere tone of the guitar carries you blissfully as the drones and textures unfold. The finely woven tape effects drenched work of Josh Mason wouldn’t sound out of place on Taylor Deupree’s 12k imprint – this album comes highly recommended indeed.

You can listen by hitting play above or click HERE to read more or buy one of the limited edition CDs.