Colorlist – Sky Song

New on the Serein label is the return of Colorlist, who also contributed the 10″ vinyl release ‘The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean’ on the label back in 2011. Their new album ‘Sky Song’ is available now for pre-order on either 12″ vinyl or download, officially released on 2nd October.

I’d imagine that in a lot of press and review coverage, the word jazz will be automatically used when describing Colorlist. This is no bad thing at all of course but ‘Sky Songs’ as an album goes that bit deeper, exploring the comforting and earthy sound of Spiritual Jazz, moments that glisten with Ambient qualities and others that adopt a more up beat, percussive or experimental stance. The album is dripping with colour, with more than enough variety to retain your interest. The title track ‘Sky Song’ enlists an analogue synthesizer to further enhance the detail and closing track ‘Safe Years’ offers an equal dose of warm, melancholy swirls set aside sinister twists which eventually build to a crescendo. This is perfect going into the Autumn months and beyond…

You can listen to opening track ‘Sun Song’ above by hitting play, or visit the release page to get your pre-order in HERE