John Lemke – People Do

John Lemke

I’ve been meaning to post up the recent album ‘People Do’ by John Lemke for some time but I’ve been unable to gather the correct words to describe it. I started Irregular Crates as a means to express my wide open taste in music and share it with others, without any barriers of genres. But having said that, usually I am able to assign a few describing words to give the reader a hint as to the style of music I’m linking to.

John Lemke’s ‘People Do’ on Denovali is a wide open musical journey that incorporates so many elements of different genres that it really is difficult to classify properly. It takes something truly special for an artist to draw from so many different styles and present them as a cohesive album experience. Lemke’s work here covers downtempo electronica with a cinematic ‘soundtrack’ feel, mixed with quieter ‘ambient’ moments, exotic percussive surges and dubbed out sonic landscapes. All on one record.

The album feels as if it’s all meant to be; the soundtrack to an imaginary film. You can check it out by clicking the link above or by clicking HERE