The Boats – Nomenclature

The Boats Nomenclature


Often you read reviews referring to new albums by artists as ‘departures’. Usually you can notice the different ideas pretty easily but only very occasionally do artists go the full 360 as The Boats have with their new album ‘Nomenclature’. It is their first outing on vinyl believe it or not, and surfaces on their new offshoot imprint Other Ideas

The warmth and familiarity of their signature ambient/electro-acoustic sound has been replaced through the ten tracks of Nomenclature as they delve deep into the field of Techno. It’s not Techno as in the word that gets thrown around when repetitive beats don’t quite fit neatly into what you’d describe as House music. It’s proper Techno – distortion-heavy and filled with a noisy, industrial character.

You can check it out on Boomkat by clicking above or HERE.