ARCHIVE002: John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman – They Say It’s Wonderful

There are hundreds of albums in my list of all-time favourites so I really ought to get cracking to try and build up the Irregular Crates archive. When thinking of classics, immediately I think of ‘They Say It’s Wonderful’ by legendary saxophonist John Coltrane and singer Johnny Hartman – one of the greatest jazz records ever made.

I’ve always been a fan of jazz but there are very few records that I could say would truly qualify as classics. Too many for me just seem to lack something. This is certainly not the case here – there’s enough smooth, free-flowing jazz to get to grips with as Coltrane bursts out some sax, set to shuffling drums and delicate piano and also, Hartman’s vocals are sublimely executed to perfection. I could listen to his voice and indeed, this record forever. There is a huge helping of romantic sentimentality to They Say It’s Wonderful but this is part of the whole charm. The age and timelessness of the record also really add something special too. Absolutely perfect for late night listening

To get a digital copy of this classic record, click HERE or with a little digging you may be able to track down a vinyl copy