Caught In The Wake Forever – Meditations In Exile

Recently I was alerted to the release of a new EP by Caught In The Wake Forever, who was responsible for the excellent album ‘Against A Simple Wooden Cross’ album on Hibernate. This new material feels different in so many ways – firstly this 3″ CDr EP comes out on a different label, Soft Corridor, who have arranged a stunning packaging design with beautiful artwork by Julien Lambrechts. The striking black and white minimalism in design of Soft Corridor offers something different from the rugged beauty of the photography on Hibernate and Fraser McGowan’s (Caught In The Wake Forever) methods and ideas are completely different too.

The 7 tracks that make up this EP (or meditations, if you prefer)  serve as palette cleansers for Fraser, recorded during the same session as Against A Simple Wooden Cross. The production process for his main album and moreover the concept could only have been achieved through a set of ‘time outs’, which Fraser used as meditations to refocus on the task in hand. Meditations In Exile consists of the 7 ‘best’ or ‘most favoured’ of these experiments and work perfectly together as a separate record altogether. Whilst they were related to Fraser’s main album in terms of them helping the process, they stand today as something completely separate for us, the listener – full of lovely hiss, hum and feedback.

You can stream by hitting play above or go to the release page and read more/buy HERE