ARCHIVE003: Real Estate – Days

Some of the archive albums on Irregular Crates will be lesser known or may have slipped under the radar and some will be, well, BIG. One such is the critically acclaimed ‘Days’ by Real Estate, released in 2011 on Domino Recording Company.

I’ve played it all the way through without stopping and on regular repeat so many times, that it feels impossible that it could have come out as late as 2011. That said, it’s cemented in its status as a classic in my book. There’s nothing massively experimental to it – the simple pop song structures are instant in their effect but lasting which builds an emotional attachment in the listener. This is what sets it apart from mere pop music.

There are so many highlights, hence its inclusion here but if pressed then I’d highlight ‘Green Aisles’ as the absolute favourite and would plump for ‘Kinder Blumen’, ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ and ‘Easy’ too. Ask me on a different day and the list may be entirely different…
One important factor for the power of ‘Days’ is its listen-ability as a whole. I’m not sure whether it’s the use of similar keys and effects but everything flows so beautifully as the tracks play through which make it really difficult to press ‘stop’.

You can visit the label release page by clicking the picture above or HERE. You can check out a video for ‘Easy’ by clicking the embedded Youtube video below: