Offthesky – Exit To Anywhere

The prolific artist Jason Corder never fails to impress with each record he releases – from the lonely beauty of The Beautiful Nowhere on Hibernate through to the textured bliss of Hiding Nature on Home Normal, not to mention all of his wonderful netlabel releases.

His latest effort is a 3″ CDr ‘postcard’ EP on Hibernate called Exit To Anywhere, which was recorded during travels through Europe. The title itself leaves things wide open for listener interpretation. It invites you in and encourages you to go straight out again, down a different path from the one you entered.

Initially, the album unfurls slowly with the melancholy drones of ‘Snow Filled Summer’ which ache into sparse contemplative piano notes and scraping strings. ‘Meditae I’ is a robust passage of drone and field recordings which continue into the title track ‘Exit To Anywhere’. Meditae II is short and quiet, giving a brief respite before the beautiful chamber music of Coffins Full Of Life’ closes. The track is just breathtaking, heightened by the murk and hum that in the tracks preceding.

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