Archive004: Rameses III – I Could Not Love You More

Rameses III


Despite a wide open taste in music which has become the very reason for creating Irregular Crates, perhaps the largest portion of the Irregular Crates archive will consist of music from the ‘ambient’, electro-acoustic or DIY scenes.
It’s been loosely called ambient music in the sense that its droning quietude could stem from Brian Eno’s early work but over the last five years or so it has really gone beyond that. All the best music in the scene these days is less focused on simple space music and veering more towards more textured works created using real acoustic instruments.

One band (or three-piece if you prefer) that really epitomised this shift in ambient music was Rameses III whose ‘I Could Not Love You More’ out on Type in 2009. The trio began operating in 2003 with a discography that has gone on to enlist releases on Under The Spire, Digitalis and Important Records. Whilst the last ten years has seen them release some excellent material, I Could Not Love You More just stands out above all else. It straddles the lines between ambient music and folk and offers a healthy balance of each, retaining all the best elements of either genre and discarding the cliches.

I know from my contact with others in the modern ambient music scene that this is a record held close to the hearts of many. If you’ve never heard it before then I strongly recommend you click HERE or on the image above to check it out. Or you can hit play on the Soundcloud player below to take a listen