HVL – Across The Sun EP


More Deep House wax – there’d be even more if I could afford it! This one’s by HVL on Housewax Recordings, a sub-division of Rawax. This one is quite simply deep, raw and dubby, with a generous helping that consists of 5 cuts. Each track is slumped at a tracky slow-mid House tempo with plenty of variety through each groove.

The EP kicks off with the EP title track ‘Across The Sun’, a super-deep dreamy track with live-sounding drums. On the same side, ‘Timesea’ keeps things along the spacey lines of the title piece with a trackier feel to the groove. On the other side of the record, the first of three is ‘Undefined’ which pits deep and warm chord stabs against an old-school garage rhythm. ‘World’s Jam’ continues along the lines of more broken, garage beats with this one hinting slightly at a very slow form of Techno. Finally, ‘Celestial’ closes with arguably the most up-front, direct track with its nice simple vibe.

You can buy or listen to the EP by clicking the image above or HERE. Alternatively to hear a preview of ‘Undefined’, hit play on the Soundcloud player below