Maps and Diagrams – Laska

This week I was lucky enough to have been sent the brand new 3″ CDr by Maps and Diagrams, entitled ‘Laska’. It was a highly limited edition release on producer Tim Diagram’s Handstitched label, with just 50 hand-made copies available. Unfortunately, they have all sold out but it has been made available in digital format from the artist’s Bandcamp account.

‘Laska’ opens with ‘Bicolour’, a dreamy piece with the highly detailed subtle texture you’d associate with all of the high-quality Maps and Diagrams material. It is followed by the title piece, an intricate arrangement of delicate bells before ‘Limosa’ hints at droning, heavily treated exotic instruments. The short EP closes with the distorted lines of ‘Penelope’ which really draw out the lasting effect of this fleeting record in epic fashion.

You can stream the EP in full by hitting play above or to purchase for a small amount, click HERE