Western Skies Motel – Reflections

Since we also run the Audio Gourmet netlabel, it’s obvious that we’ll be posting up the free netlabel EPs as and when they happen. For those unfamiliar with Audio Gourmet, we specialise in fifteen minute ‘bitesize’ EPs that fall somewhere within the modern ambient music category. The idea is that each EP can be listened to in a standard working tea-break or perhaps when you only have a short window to listen to music.

The latest EP is by Danish one-man band René Schelbeck who records as Western Skies Motel. René carves a sound that is part americana, part electro-acoustic and part post rock and his ‘Reflections’ EP serves as a beautiful debut with lots of promise for the plans he has going forward.

Hit play above to listen or HERE to be taken to the release page