Magnofon – Fallowfall

Warehouse Decay is a label we’ll be offering regular coverage on, since it’s something we’re affiliated with so it only makes sense! Already on their tenth release despite operating for less than a year, this experimental Deep House and Techno label have just released their first album. ‘Fallowfall’ is also Magnofon’s debut album with the artist also having contributed EP releases on the label.

‘Fallowfall’ contains a different feel from the slightly more dancefloor friendly tracks on Magnofon’s ‘Lost Property’ and ‘Connection’ EPs, as the artist delves deeper into experimental territory for his first long player. Opening track ‘Intentus’ sets the tone for this record inspired by decay and a state of ruin, opting for a distorted set of downtempo beats with vintage jazz chords and vocals. The jazzy backdrop in ‘Downcast’ continues this but more within a Deep House vein before the droning melancholy of ‘Faltrast’ changes direction a little. ‘Caraplace’ carries more of a kick and injects a hint of funk and then the wobbling bass and clear jazz influences come to light in ‘Gone’. The title track ‘Fallowfall’ sits at the midpoint of the album, an old-school nineties sounding piece – straight up Deep House with licks of sax and epic vocals.

For the second half of the record, the crumbling ‘Ruines’ heads along a slightly more minimal direction followed by ‘Decair’ which reflects back nicely to the jazziness in ‘Gone’. ‘Estrift’ brings back the harder kicks but keeps the groove deep and then ‘Dustmood’ lends something that harks back to old-school Garage/House. The penultimate track ‘Pethening’ brings in a subtle Dub-Techno influence before ‘N-Folds’ draws the album to a close.

‘Fallowfall’ is not so much a DJ record; more of a ‘listening’ record in fact so that its powerful concept is felt as intended. For best enjoyment, it’s recommended that you purchase through the label’s Bandcamp site, where you will get a set of bonus images – one for each track. You can check it out by hitting play above to stream, or by clicking HERE