The Seaman and The Tattered Sail – Light Folds

Light Folds

I had intended for Irregular Crates to be punchy, to the point and as short hand as possible. Mixing a bit of general laziness, sloppiness and sheer lack of time…most of our posts are very short, allowing the music to do the talking. I imagine that you’ll click on a post, see the picture, click play and if you like it you’ll bugger off and buy it without paying much attention to what I have to say.
But with this post in particular, I feel I simply must take a little more time to introduce something rather special…

The ever-consistent team at Fluid Radio and their marvellous Facture imprint have been organising and assembling something truly massive in the background. We hear that word massive thrown around an awful lot in music but compared to this, it’s just exaggeration… The Seaman and The Tattered Sail is the collaborative project of musician/multi-media artist Bill Seaman and Craig Tattershall (The Boats, The Humble Bee, The Remote Viewer etc) and it sees an enormous collection of over 7 hours worth of sound experiments.

Many collaborations bear fruitless, discarded tracks that never see the light of day but when Seaman and Tattershall set about working over 2 years ago, they managed to really strike a chord. I’m not sure whether there were in fact discarded tracks, but this mammoth collection oozes quality in all four extremely spacious, monolithic corners. From the tape-eroded over-saturated time-worn abstractions to the rich and enveloping orchestrated chamber music, the quality is overwhelming.

I have had a digital copy of the album for well over a week and I am struggling to settle into it with any familiarity. This is no bad thing at all – it is almost something I have actually been longing for. Each listen feels fresh with more detail to discover, giving a lasting listening experience that will build over years rather than a few plays in the stereo.

This collection of music has been given further diversity, with the format being shared between CD, DVD and vinyl and available in a limited run of just 300 copies. We were planning on timing our post with the release date however, we figured that posting up now can only give you more of a heads up on what is already a landmark release that we’ll look back on for years to come. The modern DIY ambient music scene has been going from strength to strength in recent years and Light Folds carries the torch for this, as a monolithic beacon of light.

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