Pausal – Sky Margin

Recently I was alerted to a new album on Own Records, which I always greet with excitement. There is such quality to each and every release they put out along with a forward thinking music policy that keeps them from being too predictable. From the well-travelled Talons’ via beautiful Australian folk from Tiny Ruins and to their latest release, by British duo Pausal – the quality and great care of Own’s curating is there for all to hear.

The new release is just fabulous too, with Pausal providing some of the finest Ambient/drone I have heard in a very very long time. What is particularly striking is the short but sweet nature of the tracks, how they all fit neatly together as an 8 piece set, providing a perfectly weighted, comfortable listening bed for your ears. There is an almost tangible sense of nostalgia that will leave you feeling warm, even in bitterest cold.

Pausal are the established duo of Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton who between their various projects have released on labels such as Hibernate, Fluid Audio, Preservation, Barge and Students Of Decay. Whilst Alex’s Olan Mill project and Simon’s work under his own name have provided solid releases, ‘Sky Margin’ somehow seems even bigger, dare I say it…perhaps it could be because I am listening as I type, as the sheer life-affirming wonder of these glistening drones play out. Highly recommended

Hit play above to hear for yourself or HERE to go to the release page, where you can purchase a vinyl or digital copy.