Tone Color – The Last Day

Tone Color

Like many, the bulk of my interest in the modern Ambient music scene was built from exposure to netlabels. Some of my favourite artists have risen from creating music and releasing for free using netlabels, such as Resting Bell, Test Tube and Con-V. The best netlabels were those that provided the listener with the same quality that you’d expect from a professional label, releasing music on vinyl or CD.

Only this week, our attention was drawn to a new netlabel release of incredible quality on Assembly Field, by British artist Tone Color. ‘The Last Day’, mastered by Wil Bolton is an album of predominantly short pieces that arrive just in time for the colder months. A warm fuzz awash with colour, each piece has enough variation to hold your interest. The detail is extended from merely falling into the drone category with the careful attention to detail that this artist has woven into each track. Be it through field recordings, delicately manipulated frequencies or shimmering drones that crackle with light shards of noise – this album has everything. A generous ten tracks, mastered professionally and available for free; this one simply can’t missed. What’s more, I can already file it comfortably alongside my list of all-time favourite netlabel releases…

To check it out, click HERE or the image above