Huerco S. – Colonial Patterns

With a generous helping of mesmerising and intriguing recordings, Huerco S’s debut album ‘Colonial Patterns’ was released on Software Recording Co. this month and has already incurred a healthy amount of praise. It is refreshing to think that something this experimental could be so well received. Colonial Patterns follows no set route or tried and tested formula and does not allow itself to fit too neatly within the confines of any specific genre.

From time to time there is a pulsing heartbeat kickdrum set at a leisurely House BPM which could easily have you filing it mentally as the sort of Deep House Marcellus Pittman or Theo Parrish might produce. But then, the techniques used lie more with Techno than straight up House so there is just one set of contrasting styles. Add to this the dusty lo-fi aesthetic to the presentation, coming in under Ambient disciplines or perhaps more apt, Sound Design – think Ezekiel Honig’s ‘Folding In On Itself’ on Type. Then you’ve got the looping patterns, vinyl crackle and saturated tape-deck sounds…occasionally the album even hints at the woozy downtempo scene – almost a la Flying Lotus

As any true music fan will tell you – genre is not really of too much importance. For its sheer depth and ambition, Colonial Patterns sets itself apart from so many experimental albums. This is the very first Huerco S album and it feels as if he has approached it with the sensitivity of a lifetime’s careful planning. He avoids gearing anything towards the dancefloor for quick and easy exposure. Instead, he builds an album with all the ingredients and subtlety that you’d come to associate with a true classic. Highly recommended

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