Cross Record – Be Good


2013 is continuing to surprise me, not just with the old stalwarts but with new releases from as yet undiscovered names. Last week I happened upon the new release on Ba Da Bing! by Cross Record called ‘Be Good’. Emily Cross, the artist behind it has produced a solid and confident debut that I just can’t stop listening to. She weaves acoustic instruments, tape effects and various other techniques with her voice and lyrics. She does so with careful consideration – adding plenty of variation to the record without overdoing it.

The running order of nine pieces that make Be Good is beautifully placed – with the chiming bells of opening ‘Watching Something Nice’ setting the scene before ‘Little Orange’ changes tact placing chorus and tape effects drenched guitar with vocals. The grittier ‘Cups In The Sink’ is a real stand-out piece with its lovely a textured bass drone and warm, nostalgic melody. Other stand-outs include ‘Maybe I’m Crazy’, ‘Hungry, Thirsty’ and the psychedelic ‘Not Quite White Light’.

All in all, this is a solid debut from Emily’s Cross Record project that I strongly recommend. To check it out, click HERE or press play on the Soundcloud player below: