Antonymes – There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay

I’ve known about this release for quite some time but have kept quiet until now after it was officially released yesterday on Hibernate. ‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’ sees the return of Antonymes with an adaptation of his now out-of-print 2009 album ‘Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future’. A re-press of a great album is always welcome to place it in earshot of new listeners however sometimes, despite the best efforts of re-packaging it gets lost or simply left by those who already know and love it well.

With ‘There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay’, Ian Hazeldine (Antonymes) has given the album a brand new context for the here and now…Not just the standard new artwork and a bonus track or two, but he has turned the original record on its head by including adaptations from several well known artists including Ian Hawgood, Offthesky, Spheruleus, Wil Bolton, Field Rotation, Isnaj Dui and James Banbury. The identity of the adaptations are unclear and they are positioned as one alongside the main album, which allow it all to flow without the feeling of the remixes being mere bonus material. It’s as if they are as much a part of the album as the original recordings and this has the effect of wiping the slate clean and really does give everything a fresh feel.

With this in mind, There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay can rightfully be considered for selection as one of the finest new releases of the year; a breathtaking collection of recordings that you’ll come back to time and time again.

To stream/buy the release, click play above or HERE