Widesky – The Cellar Dreamer / Segue – Sunrise/Sunset

Last week I was alerted to a pair of excellent short releases out on Bill Bawden’s (Herzog) Bedside Table Records, from two artists I’m already very much familiar with:

Firstly, Seth Chrisman’s work as Wiedsky is always welcome as far as my ears are concerned and his EP for Bedside Table certainly doesn’t disappoint. Most of the pieces are short except the third track, or centre-piece if you like. The EP opens with ‘Biding, Inexplicably’ a music-box experiment that sets the scene with chiming notes and winding hand-held machines. Before long, the warmth of ‘Beings Like Pythagoras’ is upon you, with the droning keys punctuated by light acoustic guitar abstractions. ‘Tidal’, that centre-piece we mentioned earlier gives a focal point to this record whilst not detracting from the fleeting but effective nature of the EP. The warmth of the previous track is continued and again that acoustic guitar gives some added melodic detail. There is a great patience to this piece, which not only brings together the thoughts in the preceding two tracks but also really takes the time to charm. ‘Happy To Be Sad’ places the guitar more towards the fore although the warm drones remain. The powerful title reflects the melancholy mood of the piece and reassures the listener that the sadness it evokes is okay and actually, you’ll come to welcome it. Finally, ‘They Always Disintegrate’ is an apt closing note if you glance at the title; it reminds you that all good things must come to an end. Whilst only 4 minutes long, this piece feels longer due to the unhurried nature of the droning notes although, my ears would gladly allow it to unfold for longer…

Secondly, Bedside have completed a solid round of releases with the inclusion of Segue, who has recently received a lot of deserved acclaim for his Pacifica album out on Silent Season. In ‘Sunrise/Sunset’ however, Jordan Sauer restores the much-loved textural Ambient/Drone credentials to his work. The EP is limited to a pair of mid-length drones that without surprise, reflect the project title. The simplicity of the titling of this short work is not over-burdened with a sophisticated concept or press release. Instead, these two delicately adorned electro-acoustic drones and their simple titles possess a subtle power. Sauer’s work here is arresting; once you allow yourself the time and space to listen to these two pieces, their effect will envelope.

Both EPs are available from the Bedside Table label either individually or as both 3″ CDrs. Or if you prefer the digital format, it has been made available for a nominal amount. Check the releases out by clicking the following links or alternatively, you can hit play above to listen to either release:

Widesky – The Cellar Dreamer
Segue – Sunrise/Sunset