Slim The Chemist – Lost In Loops

I’ve ran across a wonderful record that I just had to post up…last night I discovered the Indelible Niche Collective label, which has a host of quality material available. Much of it is available as both a highly limited physical edition or as a free or nominally priced download.

Of all the work available, I was really struck by the sheer quality of Slim The Chemist’s first ever physical release ‘Lost In Loops’. Steeped in an old-school nineties aesthetic, this set of largely instrumental Hip Hop cuts is sheer quality and not to be missed. At the time of posting, the run of 25 cassettes are still shipping, so fill your boots whilst you can! I can only begin to imagine how the eleven vintage jazz and funk sample loaded cuts sound on tape…

The label files this set of recordings as an EP but I feel that the generous helping of tracks and consistent flow allow it to sit more comfortable as an album. Other than the out-and-out nostalgia that fills each and every phrase, there isn’t a clear concept to this record but whether it really needs it is a different question. Fans of DJ Shadow, Madlib, and DJ Cam will love this. Normally I’d point out a few stand-out tracks but no need here as everything is top top notch. Hit play above to hear for yourself or HERE to be taken straight to the release page.