Leif – Dinas Oleu

I’ve been keeping an eye on Fear Of Flying Records for a while, which is run by BLM. They’ve amassed quite a discography and recently I have really been enjoying Ivano Tetelepta’s true colours – an album full of raw Deep House. It is the album releases on Fear Of Flying that have particularly impressed me, as they are put together with thought and feeling. Too many House and Techno albums are heavily geared towards the dancefloor as if the artist is incapable of creating anything for the listener. This is where Fear Of Flying differs…

Their most recent offering is by Welsh based artist Leif, whose music I have been buying for years. He has worked alongside Tom Ellis, another favourite artist of mine and they’ve appeared together on labels such as Trimsound, Morris Audio Citysport Edition and Moon Harbour. Whilst both artists are masters at crafting sophisticated underground House/Techno, Leif’s recent solo output has been impressive – peaking with the recent ‘Each Day Made New’ EP on Ornate Music. Going one step further, with the artist’s first album proper, Leif has put together a masterpiece in ‘Dinas Oleu’.

This album, pitched at the listener and rewarding those that explore it in full contains ten tracks that straddle many genres and sub genres. Opening out, the lush ambience of ‘Through Noise Pt.1’ lulls the mind for the journey that follows. ‘Belief and Experience’ enters with simple percussion and warm vibes before the minimal depth of ‘Fortune’ comes in with its jazzy keys aboard a minimal rhythm. ‘Flight’ is more exotic and upbeat but still deep enough to avoid a digression from the album. ‘Age Of Aquarius’ brings in a note of Dub Techno before the slower ‘Stutter and Hum’ returns to Ambient territory. The atmospheric and downright deep ‘Koku’ is a real stand-out track; possibly my favourite which is followed by the title track, which is more ornate thanks to harp provided by Chris Knowles. The stripped back and cavernous ‘Until Dawn’ pits a simple melodic pulse with subtle keys and hiss before ‘Through Noise Pt.2’ closes this excellent record with percussion, treated crackle and hiss ending on a slightly more upbeat note.

To check out Dinas Oleu, click on the player above or HERE to be taken to the release page