David Wenngren and Jonatan Nästesjö – Below

It’s been a long long while since I’ve listened to Dark Ambient and Drone music and been moved by it and thanks to ‘Below’ by David Wenngren and Jonatan Nästesjö on Soundscaping, I was transported back to a time when nothing other than Drone would do.

This set of mid-length rumbling drones begins with the utterly despairing ‘Something There’, which is followed by the brighter ‘Feel Nothing’, which seems to have exotic woodwind placed through a multitude of effects. The result is majestic; a swirling, textured fanfare. ‘Before I Leave’ restores a sense of murk but with an ethereal feel and then ‘Still Nothing Moves You’ closes with dramatic effect. Gently dramatic, at that. Here, ‘Below’ is at its most powerful and possibly its most uplifting as the angelic tones soar inside your ears.

Interestingly, David Wenngren is often associated with his more modern classical work as Library Tapes but here with Nästesjö he takes a welcome departure to explore new territory. You can check out this release by clicking the image above or HERE