Ois Butler Doyle – Winter Vibes Promo (mix)

Ois Butler Doyle

So a new year and after all the hard work of putting together lists of favourite records, we start all over again. On paper this may seem like a daunting prospect but in reality, this translates to yet more fantastic musical discoveries.

Once all the writing had been finished at the end of 2013, I found myself exploring beat based channels again and one such discovery is Irish DJ Ois Butler Doyle’s ‘Winter Vibes’ promo mix. Firstly, much like his last promo mix, the stunning artwork that accompanies it is enough to get you to hit play.

A few of the selections are highlighted on the Soundcloud page but overall the tracklist isn’t visible. It doesn’t matter as a little digging through the names should lead you to the selections – for the time being, just sink into the mix and enjoy the vibes. Deep warm chords, straight up Techno rhythms and looping garage tracks are aplenty – this excellently programmed set will hold your interest…

Just hit play, or download for private listenin’