Anna Morley – Water Door

Right at the beginning of this year we received an album from Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist from Australia Anna Morley. Anna has released various pieces through 3 albums on her Bandcamp page of which we were previously unaware. With much to get stuck into, we began with her submission Water Door which was released last summer and what an excellent surprise it turned out to be.

In parts you could class this as pop because of the track length, song structure and ingredients. However, there is plenty of avant-garde ideas, an array of different instruments used and a general appeal that make it all the more accessible to us experimental types. The immediacy of Bold reflects its title perfectly; a piece with great immediacy that sets the tone for the tracks that follow. Then enter Not Letting Go which has to be our favourite, with its languid tempo, vintage synth and soft vocals. The warmth of Minchia will be a favourite with fans of experimental Folk music before the disheveled music-box and arrangement genius of Wind Up follows, almost hinting at 90s Trip Hop. Mid way through the album, more quirky downtempo Folk arrives in the form of Blood Orange which is followed by a special tribute to Erik Satie in Gnossienne No. 1. The beautiful strings of Sea Ballad continue along the Folk lines; a real stand-out piece here. Then Afghan Greyhound drones its way in , suitably ethnic as the title would suggest and perhaps reminding of Esmerine’s recent ‘Dalmak’. Finally, Water Door is rounded off with another real album highlight in Casita, which at this point will leave you wanting to hit play again as this wonderfully colourful set of short instrumentals draws to its close.

To check out the album, click play above or HERE to visit the release page on Bandcamp