Le Moors – Multi-Filament

Hibernate’s extremely successful post card series started the label’s activity for 2014 this week, and already this one has sold out. Hibernate have made two of these exquisite 3″ CDr + postcard releases available for purchase today and both have sold out already! This is of very little surprise due to the design and calibre of artists involved but fortunately it is available digitally

The first of the two is a collaboration between two extremely talented modern ‘ambient’ or electro acoustic (if you prefer) artists, Jeff Stonehouse (Listening Mirror) and Wil Bolton. Together, they record as Le Moors and Multi-Filament is a stirring long-form piece which you won’t want to end. These artists have taken great care in building this soundscape with echoing noise, licks of stuttering guitar and warm drones.

To listen, hit play above or click HERE to visit the release page