Tape Loop Orchestra – This Would’ve Meant So Much To Us

The second of the Hibernate 3″ CDr postcard series releases comes courtesy of Tape Loop Orchestra with a beautiful release of a live set in Le Plane A Rium, Vitry-en-Artois, France. This brooding set of droning orchestration was concocted by Andrew Hargreaves, the man behind the project and features vocals from Beth Roberts.

Unfortunately, as with the Le Moors EP released at the same time, this sold out in an instant on release day. Unlike the other EP, this one remains physical only – meaning that this post is a bit teasing I’m afraid. Even more so if you press the play button above…
More solid output from the unstoppable Hibernate.

A few words from Andrew Hargreaves himself:
“During 2012 I played a handful of TLO shows performing material that I hoped would make up the next album. Unfortunately due to other commitments (The Mistys, The Boats and setting up the Other Ideas label) I never had the opportunity to record the TLO album. Fast forward to the summer of 2013 where I met up with Jonathan from Hibernate and he asked if I would like to record something for the Postcard Series. I thanked him for the offer but explained that my interest at the present time were in creating more harsh electronic music rather than ambient, but there maybe something of interest in the archive. A few days later I forwarded the recordings from the 2012 shows to Jonathan and he showed enthusiasm for the Radio Session. You can no doubt guess the rest.”