Tone Color – Today Will Die Tomorrow

Recently we posted about an excellent free netlabel release from Tone Color, who has also previously released free material through Audio Gourmet. In today’s post we received the first ever physical release from talented Manchester based artist Andy Lomas, which came out late last year on prolific French label Taalem.


Taalem have a knack of quietly and consistently carving out their discography, enlisting contributions from artists such as Yann Novak, Jannick Schou, Strom Noir, Pleq, Fabio Orsi, Simon Whetham, Chihei Hatakeyama and Celer to name but a few! Releases have followed the simple pattern of the minimally designed 3″ CDr, mini jewel case and printed sticky label with the most important ingredient being fine experimental audio.

Onto Tone Color – as per our previous post, we really enjoyed Andy’s recent netlabel excursion on Assembly Field but somehow with Today Will Die Tomorrow we see the work of Tone Color go up yet another level. Firstly it must be said that the mastering on this EP is absolutely spot on; the warm hazey drones are presented at optimum volume; this sets the perfect listening platform so that this EP can be heard in all its glory. The aching melancholy of these six Ambient/drone pieces really strikes a chord – indeed, this is some of the finest material from the genre we’ve heard in a while. Selecting a favourite track is tough, such is the quality of this record but the jittering piano of La Ronde feels so refreshing when it enters four tracks in.

To check out the release, hit play above or click HERE to be taken to the release page