Iñigo Ugarteburu – For The Unknown

Today we received a message out of the blue from someone who recommended we check out a record. We’re all ears to any suggestions, whether you’re the label or artist involved or just someone recommending good music. One hit of the play button and reading the long list of instruments used in this record provoked a knee-jerk download.

Spanish artist Iñigo Ugarteburu’s album here enlists the help of many a musician and the result is something spectacular. Four incredibly listenable tracks that I’ve had on repeat all day long. Initially, it opens with Miradas which pits classical guitar and bass clarinet with Ugarteburu’s vocals against light drums/percussion. Second in the line-up is Dicen, which was selected for a separate remix-package release, which includes something by Rafael Anton Irisarri. This track starts off with brass, guitar, piano and more percussion before Ugarteburu’s vocals return again. This piece is a little more melancholy, which the piano is partially responsible for. It builds and builds and is the pick of the bunch in our opinion. Tomodachi enters with light drone, a truly beautiful instrumental piece, lighter and more peaceful in mood. Finally, this stunning record draws to a close with Homing, a mid/longer length instrumental that takes its time to gather momentum. It starts off very sparely and minimal, field recordings adding to the narrative before faster piano and guitar fade gently into the mix. Brass and double bass join and things gradually build to a subtle and beautiful crescendo, ending with a feint hum to close what has been a marvelous listen. At this point, it’s all too tempting to start over again…

With thanks to Lukasz for pointing us in the direction of this record – you’ve made our day.

To check out the release, click play above or click HERE to purchase either the vinyl or CD version, or grab a free download instead.