A New Line (Related)

A New Line


We were recently sent an exquisite album from the infrequent but consistent Home Assembly Music imprint – a label which artists such as The Green Kingdom, Fieldhead and The Declining Winter have previously called home. Their latest output comes courtesy of former member of Hood Andrew Johnson, with his first set of solo recordings.

We’re a huge fan of Hood but we’re also massive fans of murky, lo-fi Deep House…which is exactly where Johnson has chosen to explore for his first venture into solo territory. Of course, Hood were not averse to using electronics in their work and that was part of their whole appeal but with the use of guitar, vocals and other instruments, their material usually veered towards the pastoral. Andrew’s work here as A New Line leans towards the urban and sub-urban – with old drum machines, keyboards and techniques pushed to the fore.

(Related) is out for pre-order now via Norman Records as a 2 x LP vinyl release, including a free mp3 download with each release. On the 12″ format, this one promises to be something very special indeed. Released officially on February 24th

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