ARCHIVE010: Twine – Violets



It’s been a while, so I thought it was really about time that we added something to our archive of all-time favourite releases…this week I’ve been listening non-stop to this classic by Twine on the prolific Ghostly International imprint. Twine is Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder and this 2008 album is amongst the finest electronica albums you could own.

You have do scroll some way down the Ghostly catalog to find it, with the label having released high profile works from artists such as Shigeto, Gold Panda, Matthew Dear, Willits+Sakamoto and Jacaszek. And then you think that ‘Violets’ came out a decade into this label’s catalog…If there were an archive of all-time top labels, then Ghostly would be right up there with the best. But that’s for another post and another day

Violets is characterised by a fascination with the human voice, which flits in and out of this mesmerising record whether it be passages of recorded dialog or choral/ethereal chamber song. Whilst you await these, the focal point of Violets, your ears are treated to a wide arrangement of sonic experiments from the reverb and delay effected Susumu Yokota-esque guitar, the grittier side of an electric guitar, fractured IDM style beats and percussion, swathes of beautiful Ambient drone and cavernous static and effects.

I first heard Violets after having been drawn to the artwork in a record store in Manchester. I took a ‘risk’ on it based purely on the incredible cover images which feature an abandoned house, with peeling paint, decaying windows and empty, forgotten rooms. My first listen was on the drive home as we cut through the Peak District as Violets painted a soundtrack to the landscape. It turns out to be one of the best records I own…

You can check out audio samples to each track on the Ghostly International site HERE or hit play on the video below to hear Disconnected in full