Moffenzeef – Safe // Sound

Earlier this year we received an email from Ross Fish, one half of modular synthesis duo Moffenzeef who pointed us in the direction of their latest release ‘Safe // Sound’. The duo created a Duchamp wheel which had magnets at the rim and a fixed reed switch at its base. Every time the magnet passes the reed switch, the next frame of a film is advanced and a new note in a generative music sequence is triggered. The whole thing is passed through a serial port which is connected to an Arduino and Max/MSP. The footage of the film was a collection of open source 60s home movies; live audience members were encouraged to join the experimental ensemble by interacting with the wheel.

The live performance took place on 18th of January 2014 at the Safe // Sound gallery in Savannah, GA and was subsequently made available as a free download via the artists’ Bandcamp page.

For us the listener, not present when this extraordinary live session took place – the longform recording plays as a seamless blend of experimental electronics, un-organised and impromptu yet somehow feeling incredibly coherent as a whole. Hit play above to stream or click HERE to visit the release page and download for yourself