Various Artists – 15 Shades Of White

We’ve been meaning to make a post about a spectacular new compilation on Russian imprint Dronarivm called 15 Shades Of White, which pits a stellar line-up of modern classical and contemporary Ambient artists. Dmitriy Taldykin’s Dronarivm has been quietly gathering momentum since it began almost two years ago and curator Bartosz Dziadosz has secured some truly talented artists so far. This has culminated in the curation of 15 Shades Of White, a compilation album which boasts a massive roster with names such as Kreng, Jacaszek, Sophie Hutchings and Marcus Fjellstrom as well as emerging talents like The Frozen Vaults and Ben Lukas Boysen.

It opens with the delicate piano of Anne Chris Bakker‘s Paths, which begins with a starkness reminiscent of John Cage or Harold Budd. Modern Classical heavyweights Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg combine (as they did for an earlier release on Dronarivm) for a truly beautiful strings arrangement, Sophie Hutchings chimes in with the effortless quality we’ve come to associate with her releases and the electro-acoustic delight of Orla Wren will wash over you with its warm combination of folk and electronics.
Other particularly impressive contributions are numerous but Bartosz’s remix of Jacaszek’s III is spellbinding, as the familiar violin of Tomasz Mrenca resonates with haunting vocals. Ian Hawgood and The Green Kingdom join for another real highlight – ebowed strings, piano, guitar, static and voice add for an amazing experience.

To listen, hit play above or click HERE to visit the release page and purchase this incredibly good record, whether as a download or in the limited edition CD version