Dana Ruh -Naturally

Dana Ruh

Today’s discovery comes in the form of German-born producer Dana Ruh’s ‘Naturally’, released on US label Underground Quality. The label name couldn’t be further from the perfect description of this beautiful Deep House long player. Ruh’s career so far dates back as far as 2007, when the warm chords and bass heavy sounds of Deep/Tech House were well and truly the order of the day (and night). Or perhaps that’s just my nostalgic line of thought this evening as I lovingly sink into this set of pristine grooves.

All the best albums, regardless of genre rely on a flawless set of tracks – where everything is extremely listenable whichever track you put on. This makes you more likely to listen in full and avoid skipping and makes for a prolonged and pleasant listening experience. ‘Naturally’ is just that, with a generous helping of quality Deep cuts that are unlikely to leave your stereo any time soon… highly recommended

To check out this release, click HERE or on the player below to check out a sample