Headland – Soundtrack

On repeat these last couple of weeks, a discovery that would easily have ranked highly in our list of favourite records of 2013 if we’d have been aware of it. ‘Soundtrack’ is the vinyl/digital album from Australian musician collective Headland, a collection of 14 tracks to match vintage 1970s footage from around Lennox Head, New South Wales. Much of the footage focuses on surf culture and it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic place to be as this sun-soaked suite of guitar based pieces mirrors the crashing waves down under.

Aside from the obvious need for suitable music to match such footage, to release it as an album requires it to be listenable as an album. To press it to vinyl requires it to be an exceptional listen, to justify the expense. Soundtrack is quite possibly one of the finest examples of a well put together album I can recall – there is never the need to hit the skip button, you find yourself listening to the album from start to finish – and regularly too! What’s more, there is great variety with instrumental and vocal pieces, lighter and darker pieces, harder and softer pieces – it has everything

To check out Soundtrack, hit play above or HERE to be directed to the release page