Olli Aarni – Kimalle

A new imprint is always well received in these quarters and the latest addition to the world of do-it-yourself Home Listening scene is Belgian label Dauw. The first of their cassette series went up for sale this week and already, it has sold out. This is often the case with these highly limited editions but if there is no other instance when we can be thankful for the digital format then at least it enables us to access out of print material.

Dauw’s debut is a solid pair of electro acoustic drones from Olli Aarni, who also records as Nuovoja (some may be familiar with his wonderful album on Preservation). The drones are light, warm and melodic – Kimalle the more positive of the two; Kimalla being more lulling and melancholy.  This terrific duo of recordings is made all the more inviting thanks to the beautiful cover artwork provided by graphic artist Femke Strijbol

To listen, click play above or HERE to visit the release page