AFMB – A Forest Mighty Black


This week we discovered the eponymous release by A Forest Mighty Black, out recently on Drumpoet Community and we’ve been struggling to find a reason to change the record. It’s literally been on repeat all week.

AFMB is a twelve-strong collection of tracks that unfortunately could easily get filed as ‘electronica’ which is a dreadfully vague handle for any record to have. It straddles the lines of so many genres of music and its ranging tempos keep us guessing and because we have a need to label good music, after a rather long scratch of the head…well, electronica. The pieces here nod to Dub, Slow House, Ambient, downtempo, nu-disco and House and genres regardless this strong set of ingredients was always going to sound extremely pleasant to the ears.

In time for summer and sure to be one of those records that can only get better with extended play during the warmer months, the record kicks off with the utterly gorgeous Because Of, part reminiscent of early Larry Heard/Mr Fingers. ‘A Tribute’ nods towards Dubbyman with looping Deep House washes set to a percussive groove. ‘All My Lovin’ hits in with some bassline heavy Disco at first before more swirling chords hit the spot once more – three tracks in and you’ll be hooked. ‘Circumstances’ will turn the heads of the dub fanatics before the synthy reprise of ‘Suite For B-Boy’ continues this warmth-fest.

Mid-way through and vocals are a welcome inclusion to this record as Geraldine Roth’s voice rides an old-school House rhythm and vibe. The tempo is thrust deeper and slower again in ‘Somewhere’ before the old school sound returns with piano hooks. ‘And Still I Grow’ is a stand-out track with synths and seriously deep vibes and possibly our favourite track ‘Jade Knights’ kicks with seriously moody vibes. This album gives and gives as ‘Untitled’ dubs things out once more and then this wonderful record draws to a close with ‘Vivemant Dimanche’ which is possibly the warmest, most chilled out cut on the record. Hang on…there’s one more track! ‘It’s All Inside’ draws this to a close.

Terrific stuff from A Forest Mighty Black and a record sure to crop up in our archive – sooner rather than later I imagine…possibly come September after a summer’s listening. Click the image above to check it our or HERE