IC011 Irregular Crates Podcast 011



We’re back with another installment of our ever growing podcast series and this time the show is an Omnimous takeover. Omnimous is our anonymous producer who has assembled a large collection of samples that were sent in following our recent appeal for recordings and the eventual body of work is to be our next digital release on Irregular Crates.

We can officially announce with this post, that the release date for ‘Always Not There’ is Tuesday 15th of April and the album will be available from our Bandcamp site, featuring stunning photography from Ian Hazeldine.


Field recordings, noise, radio broadcasts, drones, instruments, synths have all been warped and assembled into a lo-fi framework of Deep House and Techno focused beats. With the producer’s identity remaining anonymous, the collective arrangement of the various samples and layers of detail become greater than the sum of its parts.

The album’s concept draws from the photography of Ian Hazeldine who visited several abandoned houses. Always Not There spares a thought towards the fading human emotions and experiences from such abandoned property as the decaying structure is all that remains. House was supposed to be a spiritual thing; a soul thing. Now there is nothing but decay.

In this latest Irregular Crates show, we decided to ask the artists who provided the samples that make up Always Not There to send us a track. As a result, we’ve a unique show which presents new and old material from these artists in over an hour of experimental music that traverses wide-ranging genres such as Ambient, Electro Acoustic, Field Recordings, Musique Concrete, Drone, Modern Classical, Downtempo, Dub Techno, IDM, minimal and glitch. You can read more about each artist involved by checking out the profiles below. For more information on each, click on the profile image

AntonymesARTIST: Antonymes
TRACK: Means Of Escape (ii)

BIO: Antonymes music emerges from the adjustments and erasures where music expresses nothing but itself, from the relationshipbetween continuity and repetition rather than of contract and interplay, from secrecy, from quietness, from pause, from thought, from emptiness, from time, from far off, from itself, from where it is set and where it is setting off to.



ARTIST: Ombilicum
TRACK: Pater

BIO: Ombilicum is Lyon, France based producer and composer Bruno Cariou



TRACK: Triple Light

BIO: PJE is UK-based artist Phil Edwards. He crafts his own style of melodic, melancholic electronica and ambient music, using soothing keys, field recordings, guitars and electronic treatments. He has releases on various labels including Cathedral Transmissions, U-Cover, Crazy Language and Ephre Imprint. Phil also runs the netlabel Assembly Field which specialises in ambient and experimental music.


ARTIST: The Sly and Unseen
TRACK: Gusenitsa

BIO: The Sly and Unseen are a duo between Katie English (Isnaj Dui, littlebow and The Doomed Bird of Providence) and Jonathan Lees who runs the Hibernate and Rural Colours labels. They record things at weekends using acoustic instruments such as shruti box, harmonium, flute, cello, piano, xylophone and mandolin to create their own unique and original take on ambient.


ARTIST: twincities Twincities
TRACK: Prelude In E Major

BIO: twincities is Fletcher McDermott from Long Island, New York. Using nearly exclusively acoustic sources transformed through a variety of both analog and digital means, the music is focused on creating grainy landscapes with subtle drifting melodies floating about.



off_landARTIST: Off Land
TRACK: Drift Ice

BIO: Formed in 2004 by Tim Dwyer, an artist and musician from New England. His sound has been influenced by meditative music such as Javanese gamelan and minimal drone. Dwyer’s music is sparse yet texturally intricate, lying in some sort of electro-acoustic limbo between Namlook’s more dusty ambient collaborations, literal Phonography and contemporary classical experimentalism.


TIOAARTIST: The Inventors of Aircraft
TRACK: I Dug This Hole Myself

BIO: The Inventors of Aircraft is the music project of composer/producer/soundscaper  Phil Tomsett. The Inventors create melodic and evocative sound-worlds with a combination of digital and acoustic instruments with the philosophy being very much ‘the studio is an instrument.


Eric_BoivinARTIST: Eric Boivin
TRACK: Crossing Borders

BIO: Eric Boivin is a field recording and sound artist originally from Montreal. His main interests are in phonographic arts, sound manipulation, transmission and sound arts.



1464037_723963240949327_1460532624_nARTIST: Ilir Lluka
TRACK: Pa Emer

BIO: Ilir Lluka is a writer and sound-artist from Tirana, Albania. Born on September,11, 1983 Ilir has been a poetry writer since the age of 11 and in recent years his experimental sound works  have been self-released as singles  on the web along  with an EP released on Italian netlabel Manyfeetunder. 


DarrenmcclureARTIST: Darren McClure
TRACK: Road To Look Back

BIO: Darren McClure is a sound artist living in Matsumoto, Japan. His music folds together electronics, drones and processed field recordings to create pieces of minimal, abstract ambience.



SpheruleusARTIST: Spheruleus
TRACK: The Great Barrier

BIO: Spheruleus is UK based artist Harry Towell who also records as Magnofon and part of Paper Relics and The Frozen Vaults. His solo material is defined by electro-acoustic frequencies created using analog instrument sources and has graced labels such as Hibernate, Home Normal, Time Released Sound, Analogpath and his own labels Audio Gourmet


Bio PicARTIST: Carter

BIO: Carter is Bristol based producer Neil Carter. Using synthesizers, tape loops and feild recordings, Carter looks to create pieces of hazy dream ambient awash with digital noise and sculpted feedback drones. Loops that slowly evovle and degrade like a fading half remembered dream.


6&8ARTIST: 6&8
TRACK: Dedicated Sect

BIO: 6&8 is Rory McCormick and Jessica Peace. Rory became interested in digital sound design whilst studying Audio Engineering at university. He’s trying to close the gap between the shapes he hears in his head and his control over the tools used to communicate them. Jessica is a poet and spoken word artist. She writes and performs vocals for the sound art project 6&8 and is the voice of The Naked Lady Speaks.


Loose LinkARTIST: Loose Link
TRACK: Adda Allures

BIO: Loose Link, aka Craig Gillman, is an electronic musician from New Zealand, based in London. He produces music in a wide range of styles including D’n’b, dub, ambient, idm, and trip-hop. He is also the organizer of Terminal Radio, a monthly internet radio show on Fnoob. He is currently working on an album called “World Building” which will display alot of these styles in a enjoyably immersive, semi-narrative fueled journey, plus a few collaborative EPs with Off Land, Ross Baker and Five Minutes Alone, all releasing in 2014.

Focis leftARTIST: Foci’s Left
TRACK: Wandering In A Bright Spot
BIO: Foci’s Left is the solo work of Fluid Radio’s Mick Buckingham, where he pries a smorgasbord of ambient, drone, downtempo, drum ‘n’ bass and leftfield electronica happenings. “Grumpy Love”, his debut album was released in 2013 to critical acclaim from James Catchpole, and 2014 looks to advance the field of critical appraisal with “Life In A Less Southern Town” LP, receiving praise and featuring from Nightshift,Mick‘s local Oxford music monthly, Textura (a free download from the album) and A Closer Listen. Mick‘s blog SubVersion features musings on science, politics and music with a range of mixtapes and creative angles.

TRACK: Derme Pas Plus Eux

BIO: Mathieu Lamontagne (also known as « Arbee ») is making music for more than a decade now. After two EPs and lots of shows with electro-hiphop band Anachronicxp, Mathieu starts working on his solo material in 2009. He loves to create textures and soundscapes with a lot of subtle elements. Trying to find the best way to layer delicate sounds, broken melodies and field recordings.


NystadaARTIST: Nystada
TRACK: An Error Occurred While Installing Happiness

BIO: Based in Hamburg (Germany) Nystada is a solo-artist with an experimental approach. His style is in progress since 2011 and serves dark electronic music with elements of IDM, Industrial and Ambient/Drone.



MindovermidiARTIST: Mind Over MIDI
TRACK: Ancient Machine

BIO: Mind over MIDI aka Helge Tommervag, who is from Kristiansund, on Norway’s north western coast, has been immersed in electronic music since the early eighties. Produce minimalist, ambient soundscapes which are pensive, moody, reflective and introspective.


The following artists also helped us put together Always Not There by sending us samples but a track isn’t included in the mix…

ARS modernaARTIST: ARS Moderna
BIO: Carlos Santos (1967, Lisboa, Portugal) microphones, piezo elements, digital electronics, computer, maxmsp, small resonant objects and spaces. Studied painting with António Sena (Ar.Co, 1988 -1992), worked in advertising for a period of time, but nowadays works as graphic designer in corporate identity, packaging, web and audio-video production as a freelancer. Workshops and seminars in digital audio manipulation, Maxmsp programming and sound art practice.


The Brett FamilyARTIST: The Brett Family
BIO: There are four of us in the sample but I am not sure if this short bio will show us in the best light!  We are a very unmusical family when it comes to performing (at school my music teacher told me to mime playing the recorder) but we all enjoy watching music of all styles live. Mr B – obsessive collector of music; Mrs B – obsessive knitter and collector of wool; Jimmy B – sports lover and fan of the Miami Heat and Hannah Spanner Brett – obsessive collector of handbags


Chris DooksARTIST: Chris Dooks
BIO: Composer, Artist and Doctoral Researcher living in Ayr




EndraumARTIST: Glasklinge Zeitenlicht
BIO: Midnight Radio presenter and curator based in Germany