Boozoo Bajou – 4

Yes these guys are still going and their latest record ‘4’ is some of the best work they’ve ever done. I’ve long been an admirer of Satta, a warm and colourful experimental dub record that I’ve returned to time and time again since it came out in 2001.

In ‘4’, the German duo have arrived at a murkier more introspective sound from their sunny beginnings. It has certainly adopted more of an Ambient stance in that it is presented as a slow and brooding collection of pieces where texture and timbre are more evident than beats. However, a strong rhythm is still present throughout and allows Boozoo Bajou to retain their signature dub influenced sound.

Firstly, the artwork will draw you in – with the deep depths of a choppy sea too inviting to resist. Hitting play on the first track Jan Mayen brings a weathered introduction mirroring the cover art before a beautiful brass fanfare against dub guitar and effects make for a beautiful opener. The slow rhythm and melancholy guitar and piano of Phonetrik and the more conscious Kodiak continue before the filmic Utsira strikes a chord through strings, piano and percussion. Mid way in, the exotic Der Kran will wipe the slate clean and retain your interest with its otherworldly charm and then the dubby Hirta gives a further twist of the exotic with what sounds like a duduk. Stufen – Spitzbergen is a shimmering piece with warm Ambient drones and chimes before the clouds turn as swells of bass and percussion build. S.A.E lifts the tempo a little with what you might want to call contemporary electronica before Your Weak Fire feels like an eerie extension of its predecessor. 4 draws to a close with the longest piece, Tiefdruck-Hochdruck which has plenty of detail to really draw out a dramatic close. Electronics and strings collide as noise and beauty wrestle ’til the end.

All in all, another fine record from Boozoo Bajou – a reflex purchase from these quarters and one that will reward repeated listens. Click the image above or HERE to purchase