Spheruleus – Cast Off

Cast Off is the work of UK based sound artist Spheruleus and is the follow up to ‘Dissolve’ which was released in February 2012. Dissolve was named one of Fluid Radio’s top releases that year in their end of year coverage and some 2 years later, Harry Towell (Spheruleus) has two more mid-longform pieces available as a digital release. 

Both pieces feel connected to Dissolve, partially down to duration and the way they evolve but also due to the over-riding sense of melancholy and a longing for isolation that prevails. The inspiration behind Cast Off ties in neatly with the theme of Dissolve but this time, there is an added dual-meaning… 

Both Cast Off and Immerse were crafted using pieces that were rejected by Spheruleus’ collaboration partners as a meeting of minds could not settle on a mutual decision to retain them for the projects. Convinced that these two pieces stood for something and deserved an airing, Harry has developed and adapted them over several months to make for a brace of brooding and atmospheric sound sculptures 

As with Dissolve, artwork is again born out of the stunning landscape photography by Richard Outram