Various Artists – Beyond Addis


This week I’ve been digging through lots of old jazz and funk records for absolutely no reason at all and today I landed on this. I know little about the funk scene and even less about the 70s Ethiopian variety but I feel compelled to write a little about this brilliant record. Unfortunately I’m not in the market for the special double vinyl edition which is sure to sound stunning so I settled for the mp3s instead and have been sinking into them this morning.

I think I’m particularly drawn to this Ethiopian sound because it has a strange sinister feeling to it and as a compilation, Beyond Addis includes both Jazz and Funk making for a truly varied listening experience of undeniable quality. It was compiled by the Swiss based Imperial Tiger Orchestra, whose own contribution to the record is a stand-out piece.

To check it out, click HERE or on the image above. Alternatively, you may wish to go for the mp3 version – you can do so by clicking HERE