Peaceful Wrath – Fields

We have just been alerted to a new label called Whispered, operated from Brussels, Belgium and their inaugurul release is available for purchase in a limited run of 500 2 panel digisleeve CDs. The record itself is by Stéphane K. Vandezande’s Peaceful Wrath project, entitled ‘Fields‘ – a brooding journey of modern classical composition.

To start with, the sleek cover artwork is striking yet minimal; a green field set against a backdrop of sky or perhaps rather a dull grey sky against a brilliant green field? Fields begins with hushed piano notes set against field recordings (of light weather effects). Intimacy is the key here as the lo-fi, unsaturated piano serves a stark introduction to this short set of tracks. Copper Traces begins with looping electronic effects and a light wash of noise which builds with chimes, field recordings and piano loops. Elements follows, with deep bass sounds joined by those sparse piano keys as droning synths, strings and electronics build. Archaïque pits a warm, fuzzy drone atop more noise experiments before the albums  mid-point Rubis enters with what sounds like a Hauschka-inspired percussive piece. This is one of the highlights and the effect of the album is heightened at its core. Pudgala flows on naturally, with a beautifully crunchy texture against synth and light rhythm. Myth sees the welcome return of the piano, which with the addition of strings provides for a haunting mix; another particularly strong moment in this album. It gathers momentum mid way through, for a full modern classical work-out a la Olafur Arnalds or other notable Icelandic counterparts.Next is the deep and arresting drones of Canvas, which unfold to yet more cinematic modern classical beauty. As you listen (and strengthening on each repeated play) this album seems to get stronger the further you allow it to unfold and this is really heightened by Canvas.
The album closes with Cristaline (reflux), an echo of the opening track – closing the album and indeed the daydream it had woven within the prior 35 minutes.

A solid debut for this label and highly recommended by us. Plenty of copies to go round so please support this new venture by clicking play above or HERE to purchase