Spheruleus – Selected Works

At the end of last year we set up a digital label section that we’ll be running as irregularly as our posts. Our first release was by Spheruleus who this year celebrates the five year anniversary of the project since it began with a Selected Works album which features various discography highlights. This includes a track from The Possibility Of Loss to name but one with other contributions taken from releases with Home Normal, Hibernate, Under The Spire, Tessellate Recordings and Audio Gourmet

What’s more, Spheruleus has hand-made 50 highly limited edition CDrs which have literally been flying out the door so far. Act fast to grab a copy before they go – click play above or HERE to be directed to the release page

Selected Works is an album comprised of recordings from the Spheruleus discography to celebrate five years since the project began. It cross sections the full range of sounds typical to Spheruleus from wistful lo-fi folk through to modern classical drone. 
Selected Works was assembled as an introduction to those new to the Spheruleus sound or those already fond of it, as a special collectors edition. The release is available exclusive from the artist as a highly limited batch of 50 hand made CDrs or as an 18 track digital album featuring originals, compilation appearances and remixes. 

Hand made physical copies available in a highly limited run of 50 copies to the world.
It is made from recycled card, hand stamped in ink and includes photo inserts and a vinyl-effect CDr containing the album. This is all housed
inside a transparent cellophane wallet

Orders will be shipped week commencing 19th of May 2014