Silmus – Shelter

A few weeks back we were kindly sent a physical copy of ‘Shelter’ by Silmus, released on small Dutch label. Ever since receiving it, it has been the mainstay of our Ambient playlist and stands taller than most so far this year in that category, The formula isn’t necessarily anything new or ground-breaking and present in the tracks is a sort of early-days-of-Ambient feel, with chorus effected guitar and vintage techniques aplenty. The album appears to be largely absent in terms of a clear concept however, the title ‘Shelter’ is perhaps all that is needed and is as apt a describing word as I could choose to sum it up. These tracks serve as a retreat; a haven for the tired soul. The compositions are melancholy and nostalgic yet you can’t help feel restored, relaxed and positive after listening. Perhaps this can be attributed to the breathtaking quality of this album, from start to finish?

In a lot of our posts, we run through the tracks – highlight the selections, stand out tracks etc. In Shelter, there is little need. There is not a failing moment to be found anywhere on the album – it is all utterly flawless and you’ll be rewarded if you care to find the time to sink into its entirety and if you can’t, it will suck you in anyway.

What about comparisons? Well there are lots of great artists I am reminded of when listening – all the greats spring to mind such as Brian Eno and Harold Budd of course, then there’s Rameses III’s ‘I Could Not Love You More’ which springs to mind or Goldmund’s A Malady Of Elegance. It’s perhaps a testament to the quality of Shelter that comparisons tend to recall all-time Ambient greats. Highly recommended

To check out Shelter, hit play above or HERE to visit the release page