VLNA – Turquoise Threads

We work closely with Tessellate Recordings and recently they put out their first ever digipack release in a limited run of just 100 CDr copies. Artwork is provided by Slovakian photographer/artist Peter Nejedly whilst mastering services come courtesy of Fraser McGowan (Caught In The Wake Forever).

The music itself is from anonymous duo VLNA who worked together to create Turquoise Threads using internet communication channels and passing the threads of sound back and forth. The resulting tapestry is a rich but short modern classical record which is underpinned by a dark, almost gothic undercurrent but with plenty of Ambient warmth. It is comprised of strings, voice and guitar textures with all kinds of effects, noises and detail. Both generous stacks of sonic layers and the brief timeframe make this 5 piece suite a strong candidate for repeat listening and it is perhaps best enjoyed when played at night