ARCHIVE011: Christof Dejean – Electronic Nostalgia


Our archive is looking a bit meagre so I thought it was about time that I added something to it. This weekend I’ve picked up an old classic which is by Christof Dejean.

Electronic Nostalgia was something I downloaded back when I first started to get into the more experimental side of electronic music. I was very much getting into Ambient/drone music at the time and I filed this in amongst the likes of Eno, Budd, Steve Roach. What I liked about it was the filmic sadness that was created using sparse piano notes which are set to a crumbling icy cold electronica. The concept evoked from the album’s title is powerful if a little simple-your memories play like a film as your mind is allowed to wander as you listen.

The work of Goldmund does come to mind, who I had discovered later. Yet what sets Dejean apart is his use of electronics and greater variety of instruments and tones to draw out these short sketches. This is what will retain your interest. The prepared piano of ‘Picture of Home’, the stark ethnic horn of ‘Call of the Deep’ and the percussive ‘Beyond The Frame’ all tell the same story, but differently.

You won’t find much about Electronic Nostalgia or even the the artist on the internet but thankfully you can still download this remarkable record from iTunes, Amazon and the likes