Ulises Conti – Los Griegos…


Rather a while ago (well, in the summer) we were sent a terrific album from Flau Records. We get sent a lot of excellent stuff that sadly never graces these pages due to a lack of time, laziness, forgetfulness and various other negative sloppiness that we’re just going to have to be honest about.
Sometimes we get sent work that is so brilliant that it leaves us feeling guilty when the weeks and months go by without a recommendation going up on Irregular Crates. We were contacted for the first time by the team at Japanese label Flau and shamefully, a reply never went their way and worse, we didn’t make a post about this release in question – Ulises Conti’s ‘Los griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres’. We’ve adopted the shorter name for it ‘Los Griegos’ which I’m sure has become commonplace with reviewers for obvious reasons.

So first of all then, to set the scene – Flau are a label synonymous with sheer quality and here they have released a body of work from Berlin-based Argentine Ulises Conti. Los Griegos is a 27 track record with tracks running from A right through to Z and via the Spanish letter Ñ. Instantly became a favourite here and has literally been the soundtrack to the summer. Each track is a sort of short sketch – varying from the choral prelude ‘A’, through several piano led interludes whether lonely and sparse or accompanied and dense, onto drones and light electronics. Each piece is short which gives strength to the album and makes it very likely that you’ll make it to Z. Some of the piano pieces will remind of childhood, others hint of cold European winters and a couple even reminded me of some of Aphex Twin’s piano compositions on Drukqs in the processing and the manner in which they will haunt you.

I really can’t recommend this record enough and for the first time this year, I’ve started to think about that big end of year list of favourite albums… to check it out for yourself hit play above or click HERE to visit the release page