Ben Fleury-Steiner – Passages


Today there is at last a new release on the Audio Gourmet netlabel, which is by Delaware, US based artist Ben Fleury-Steiner. Audio Gourmet have released almost 75 tea-break length EPs since their inception in 2010 with works by artists such as Maps and Diagrams, Caught In The Wake Forever, Hessien, Spheruleus, Monolyth and Cobalt and many more. Each EP is around 15 minutes long and these serve as short bursts of sound art to be listened to when time is of the essence. What’s more, the latest release is absolutely free with previous archived EPs being made available for a mere 50p which is contributed towards funding the label.

‘Passages’ is a well considered body of work influenced by stargazing and satellite photography. Ben Fleury-Steiner has been recording for over a decade and the quality to his work is evident, with carefully detailed layers of kalimba, synth and radio broadcasts aplenty.

To check out the EP you can click play above to stream or download HERE
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